What is Scootle?

Scootle™ is a national resource bank developed by The Le@rning Federation (TLF) to give Australian and New Zealand schools access to over 7300 digital resources for teaching and learning. Scootle provides sophisticated browse, search and filter technologies to locate and use interactive learning objects, multimedia and other resources.

March 2009 Scootle Newsletter
February 2009 Scootle Newsletter

The Learning Federation Learning Objects

The Federally funded TLF Learning Objects…other groups have created ideas for which can be starting points or adapted to get started…. Teacher Ideas link
Resources (from Dept Ed NT ) : Early Years Primary Years Middle Years Senior Years
VU Learning Objects Project;
PETA Teacher as Designer Project;
Association of Independant Schools NSW AGQTP Learning Object Project
links to Victorian Curriculum @ Work resources
These resources have been created to show some of the possibilities for learning and teaching using online resources and TLF learning objects.

last update March 2009