The IWB – now what?

In my pondering I thought about IWBs and learning to drive, as it is something happening in the family at the moment. Our first experiences on Ls are cautious but our confidence increases over time, we cling to the methods we know and adapt, we make mistakes but there maybe someone to guide us, a colleague, a user group an online network. We have our first taste of independence on P plates we are left alone; we have more knowledge and experience and we are open to others, our students to join us on our journey. On reaching out full licence the world is open to us….we are confident users and working with our students…but we never cease to learn, experimentation continues, we aim to improve presentations, recycle successes, the technical glitches still occur or the odd power blackout – at the end of the day we sigh we could be without our IWB!

· Teacher Directed
· IWB used a projection screen DVD, television, OHP
· Learning the software that supports the IWB, eg SmartNotebook, InterACT, or Promethean ActivStudio
· Basic PowerPoint for images (slideshows)
· MS Photostory3
· Interactive Internet sites used primarily for Mathematics, Science or English
· Time spent in finding resources
· Students now beginning to use the IWB
· Both teachers and students use multiple programmes and can switch between
Full licence
· Teacher and Students using the IWB together
· Sound and video clips developed by the teacher or students used
· Student work being used for editing and / or peer feedback
· Linkages and hypertexting used in IWB software for a multimedia experience
· Teacher improves previous lessons
· Less time in finding resources - focus on learning.

A few things worth reading

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About PowerPoint (and copyright)

How to create a great PowerPoint without breaking the lawA 45 minute presentation by Alvin Trusty from the eTech Ohio 2008 conference. The topics of the presentation are copyright law and how to create a great PowerPoint presentation.

Challenges – Ready interactive resources on Scootle

Challenges - Adding sound or video

Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.

User notes:

Quick start notes (Portland SC Vic)
Manual (v1.2) from Audacity

Ultra flip camera

Teachertube My new Flip Camera Video (Vic)

Teachertube Flip Camera

Teachertube Flip Camera and Movie Maker

Flip Camera
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Windows Movie Maker
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Collections of useful links Flips and Digital Cams

Last update October 8th 2009