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ActivInspire is the newest software from Promethean. The software allows the user of the interactive board access to tools and flipchart pages in order to make interactive digital lessons and presentations.

Promethean Planet
Promethean ActivInspire Manual from Promethean Learning (36 pages PDF)
ActivInspire manual
for staff to develop basic whiteboard skills (32 pages PDF)

Tutorials and Resources from FCPS Technology Resource Teachers
· ActivInspire Quick Guide - (PDF)
· Twenty Easy Steps to Using ActivInspire - (PDF)
· Using the Camera Tool - (PDF)
· Using the Screen Recorder - (PDF)
· Magic Erasers - (PDF)
· Adding Multimedia - (PDF)
· Taking Care of Your Promethean Board - (PDF)
· Promethean Planet Help Guide - (PDF)
Quick Guides for Creating Flipcharts in Inspire from FCPS Technology Resource Teachers
· Using Color to Create Easy Activities
· Using Layers
· Using Ink to Create Hidden Messages
· Grouping and Locking Objects
· Using Restrictors
· Using the "Hidden" Action Feature

Promethean Playground Wiki

Mrs Spear’s Blog sharing her tips and tricks

Making an Anagram Starter in ActivSoftware Inspire
This tutorial will take you through the stages in how to make an anagram game using ActivSoftware Inspire. This is a fun way of revising keywords for a topic and can be used as a starter or a plenary. As you follow the steps in this tutorial, remember to save your work as you go along.

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Last updated 6 September 2009